Coachella 2010 – Tilt Shift Video

My very first Coachella experience years ago.

Video by: Sam O’Hare (

Knock Knock. Unlock Your Mac.

I love this video. Everything about it is just perfect. The music, the guy, the execution.

What a wonderful user experience. Don’t you just get it?

I even purchased it.

Bud Light Commercial – Ramsey #itsonlyweirdifitdoesntwork

Ramsey Dancing Alone / Solo

Bud Light nailed it this year with their It’s Only Weird If It Doesn’t Work campaign. The commercials are hilarious! My favorite one is of Ramsey dancing alone (see above). Then there’s also another video with Ramsey below that’s also funny. You know you have your own superstitions if you’re an avid sports fan. Don’t be embarrassed about them :) .

Here are reasons why I love the #itsonlyweirdifitdoesntwork campaign so much:

  • Bud Light has embraced sports fans with their crazy antics. Bud Light understands that no matter what, fans will do whatever it takes to help their team win.
  • Bud Light makes the fans feel like they have the power to influence the results of the game — Bud Light makes them feel like they are part of the games.
  • Bud Light gives the fans hope. Even though the fans know that what they’re doing is quite unrealistic to change the result of the game, they continue to do it anyway because there’s that bit of chance, that bit of hope that somehow might make a difference so why not try?

Bud Light Ramsey

Oh, come on! That’s a hold! 
I hate watching with Ramsey. All he does is yell. They can’t hear you, Ramsey. But every time he’s come over this year, we’ve won. And he always brings Bud Light. Little dog won’t come out from under the couch but we’re winning. I love you, Ramsey. 
Bud Light. For the fans who do whatever it takes.

Agency: Translation, New York

What do you think of the commercials?

McDonald’s – Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Did you know that there is such things as a food stylist?

I recently came across this video (I’m behind because it came out awhile ago in 2012) showing how McDonald’s Canada make their burgers look so mouth-watering in photos — it’s the real thing.

I love this commercial because it gives us a glimpse of how things work behind the scenes in McDonald’s (and most likely other restaurant chains as well). I’ve always wondered how fast food restaurants made their food look so appetizing in photos because when you see the actual food in person, it’s not that appealing :/ . Now I know why!

What I also like about this commercial is that McDonald’s is being honest about how its marketing its food to people — no secrets. I liked the side-by-side comparison of the same burger with the same ingredients — just one was fresh from the restaurant and the other was fresh from the studio :) .

Agency: Tribal DDB, Toronto, Canada

Dove Commercial – Real Beauty Sketches

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think, one of the most viral videos of all times.

I don’t know how to take compliments well because I often disagree with what people say about me and that’s because I am my worst critic. When I came across this Dove commercial, I couldn’t help but feel uplifted. Everything in this world would be much more beautiful if only we allowed ourselves to be more positive. This Dove commercial is about empowerment, about building self-esteem, and about showing us that we’re better and more beautiful than what we think. It’s inspirational.

I appreciate this commercial because it was an interesting social experiment and the fact that it did not focus on Dove products. Instead, it elicited a strong emotional response from people because of it’s message. My only complaint about this video is that they should have featured people of color for a longer time because their message could be misconstrued by some people — that having light skin, a thin face and blue eyes are what makes a person beautiful. I wish the video could have also demonstrated that beauty isn’t just everything that meets the eye — that beauty also comes from within.


Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil

Lorem ipsum, move over because we have a new kid on the BLOKK


With my recent experiences wireframing and doing mockups for websites, I’ve found that lorem ipsum has been quite a distraction. Why? Because it’s still text and often times I find myself getting caught up in the look and feel of having dummy text on a mockup. BLOKK, allows any designer to use dashes to fill in the space of where text is suppose to be — less distraction for the designer and less confusion for the client. When we’re working on the early stages of any design process, it’s best to leave out the aesthetics until the end. In the beginning, our priority is to map out the user interface.

BLOKK is a font for quick mock-ups and wireframing for clients who do not understand latin

Aside from BLOKK and wireframing on the computer, I prefer doing paper prototypes the most. They’re simple, quick and leaves little room for any style distractions. These are usually left for personal/private projects and not for client work. What do you prefer?

BLOKK can be downloaded for free here.

Outdoor Adventures in Dalat Vietnam

Water rappelling, canyoning, rock sliding, cliff diving, all in one day!

Same-day edit. After our trip with Pine Track Adventures today, we immediately put this video together to share with them. This was our way of showing them how much we appreciated their guidance on this trip and how they watched out for our safety the entire time. Our guides, Duong and Roy (both fluent in English), made sure that we were well-informed about every activity and took really good care of us from the beginning to the end of the trip.

This is a must-do if you’re in Vietnam or traveling to Dalat! Some people travel to Dalat just to go on this trip, whereas, most people don’t even know it exist.

Considering all of the adventures that Mister Man and I have done, we would definitely put this in our top list of adventurous experiences. Every moment made our adrenaline pump! It was exhilarating! Continue reading →

The New Outlook – A User Experience Review


Microsoft just gave Hotmail a facelift and rebranded it to Outlook. Have you seen it yet?

From first glance, it appears very clean and simple, but there seems to be some things that aren’t very user-friendly. Continue reading →

Path, a neat social app that could use some improvements

Path. It’s a neat little app that helps you stay connected with your family and close friends. Cool, a simpler version of Facebook with only people you care about. 

Path’s interface on the iphone is well-designed because it’s easy to use and doesn’t overwhelm users with too many functions, however, that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement. Continue reading →

The Pebble Watch – A Smart Watch


Have any of you ever heard of Kickstarter? It’s basically a platform that helps innovators make their ideas come true by getting people to fund their projects. So if you see something you like that hasn’t come to life yet, why not back it with a bit of funding and help make it happen?

I recently came across this very successful Kickstarter project called, Pebble. Their goal was only to raise $100,000 however, within 28 hours of putting their project on Kickstarter, they raised $1,000,000! They ended up raising $10,266,845 with 68,929 backers! Guess what Pebble does…  Continue reading →